Things to Think About...
  • Not all artisan cheese is vegetarian! In fact, a lot of it isn't. If you have vegetarian guests, make sure you choose a tier for their needs

  • Although balance of sizes and heights is important, don't forget to get a balance of flavours too. Aim for something hard, semi-firm and soft and include a blue and different milks to create a diverse cake

  • The cheeses at the top of your cake will naturally be smaller than the base layers. If you want your guests to be able to try every layer, it may be worth ordering extra of the smaller rounds

  • We need at least three weeks notice, preferably more, to source your cheeses and ensure they are in the best condition

  • Whilst some cheese cakes look brilliant stacked one on top of the other, you may wish to use separators to create height. The space between the layers can then be decorated with flowers and fruit for example. 

  • The base and lower layers of a cheese cake don't always have to be hard cheeses, a softer cheese can work as long as it is supported

  • If your cheese cake is acting as an after dinner course allow for between 75g - 100g per person. If it is acting as a main, we recommend to double this amount

  • Allow at least half an hour before serving for your cheese cake to come to room temperature to really showcase their flavours